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Legends by Rhonda

Did you know...............????
The black and white photo is of Governor Milton J. Shapp in 1974 when he was re elected to office.
What a pleasure and honor to have sung for his inaugural ball at the
Farm Show Building in Harrisburg, Pa.
He used to write songs then and this particular song was about
"No Shortage of Love". At the time we were having
a shortage on coal, so it was a cute turn around or a hook, as most musicians call it.

"Harold Wheeler" , bandleader for  "Dancing with the Stars" is the same
Harold Wheeler who composed the charts for Rhonda, performed with
"The New Approach" 19 piece orchestra? The same man who scored "OZ"
starring Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.
Rhonda, her manager and band leader  went to  New York City to meet with Mr. Wheeler.
What a pleasure it was to actually see him in person.
Such a lovely man and wonderful musician.

While in New York, we were invited to Buddy Rich's club (the well known drummer)
and he sat at our table and talked with us about up and coming events.
RIP, Buddy Rich.
We have many wonderful memories to look back on.
Now we are making new memories.
The Rhonda Lee Show
with her comedic half, Jeff
Rhonda Lee and Governor Milton J. Schapp of Penna.
"The New Approach" played for his inaugural ball in
1974. John Nicolose was the leader of the 19 piece band
based out of Williamsport, Pa. Above, Rhonda with her
husband Jeff who runs her equipment.
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