Her voice will take you to another place in time.

Recording artist and television host from the 70's,
Rhonda is renowned for her work with such groups as
"The Standing Ovations", "Radiant Earth", "The Counts",
lead vocalist for"The New Approach",
a 19 piece orchestra that she remembers fondly.

Here are just a few
great performers who she and
"The Standing Ovations" had the opportunity to open for.

Chubby Checker,
Louie Prima,
The Everly Brothers,
The Four Aces,
Billy Daniels,
The Coasters,
The "New Approach" was contracted to perform for
Governor Milton J. Shapp's inaugural ball in 1974
with Rhonda Lee and Don Gill as the featured vocalists.
(See photo in career pics.)

Her business,
"Down To Earth Musical Productions",
creates entertainment to fit your every need.
creating a band for your event,
she chooses from many local accomplished keyboard players,
guitar players, drummers and sax players to back her as well.
Rhonda Lee exudes class
vocally and visually
and has a style all her own.
She is bursting with vitality and has a pleasing,
bubbling personality with a comedic sense of humor.
Also a knowledgeable vocalist
with a rich musical background and experience in all genre of music.
Singing with feeling and emotion,
but mostly, with heart, is the way she comes across to her audience.
She performs music from the 20's to the 90's, but
"Big Band and "Old Standards" are among the ones that
she loves singing the best.
Mingling with the people is most important
including them into her show makes them feel that
they are a part of what is going on.

Just remember to ask for the special show that you want performed.
A professional
vocalist for over
40 years

Rhonda and her husband Jeff are serious when it comes to preparing the shows she
performs. (Inside a recording studio.)
And he will be at every show now.
Only the best orchestrated recorded tracks are used.
Choose a show from her list or
have Rhonda create a different show
especially for your taste in music.
She has access to thousands of recorded selections.

Special events???

Ask what music would be appropriate for yours.
Legends by Rhonda