In 1980, still another group. "The Counts"
would go on for five years. One of the best
male vocalists that Rhonda has ever  had the
pleasure of working with was Barry Brosey
who also shined in guitar playing. Walt
Swarthout (,RIP) bass player became a very
close friend until his passing in 2005. Rick
Rosella played drums first. Then Duggie Hess
(Standing Ovations) joined the group until the
group broke up in 1985.
Photos below.
1972 -- Creekside Inn --
The Standing Ovations above
Down to Earth Band in 1977
formed by Rhonda Lee
Rhonda's son, Randy plays in "Three
Piece Suit" a jazz band that even
furthered Rhonda's  horizons. It was
sheer pleasure to work with him in
Photo above.
Dominick Cicco (a great
singer,) and Rhonda. Show at
the East Park  Sheraton Hotel
in theearly 2000's.
On right is the Christmas
show at the Coleman Chapel
Dinner Theater in 2003.
Bill Schriver on drums, Rhonda Lee, vocals,
Dominick Icavone on saxaphone and
Tom Colgan on keyboard.
The Tom Colgan Trio.
Another chance to learn some jazzy tunes. Tom
Colgan is one of the greats in Rhonda's career.  
Classics's Band -- 1974 while singing with Big
Band, I sang with a 4 piece variety band.
1973 From left to right. above,
Duggie Hess, Cliff Seidle, Rhonda Lee,
Sal Salerno, Art Calaman (RIP)
Standing Ovations formed again
in 1975 for house band at Hungry Drummer
Rueben Betencort, Corky Coria, Rhonda Lee,
Tommy SAnders, Sal Salerno
One of the nicest performers
that she ever opened for.
Billy Daniels Above
Her sister Billie was lead vocalist for
"The Far Turn" band that played at the Winners
Circle and for all of the Penn National Race
Track musical  functions.
Rhonda got to join her sister Billie for a  short
time which was a great experience, not only for
singing harmony with Billie, but,  trying her hand
at some country songs. 1983. Picture below.
Hold your mouse
on the red
squares and see
what happens.....
2000 -- "Long Hard Ride" formed by Joey Cicovic.
RIP. Rhonda, once again, fronts another band.
A country rock group. Above
In 1974, Rhonda was asked to join a 19 piece orchestra
by the name of"The New Approach".
Recognize Milton J. Schapp, Governor of Pennsylvania?
"New Approach" played for his inaugural ball in 1974.
Band leader was John Nicolosi.
Mick Cochran is far right on trombone.
Photos below/.. (The girl next door look.)
Rhonda's daughter Rhonnies band,
She had stage presence from the
Avant Gaurde, in the 80's.
Legends by Rhonda

In 1980, still another group.
"The Counts" would go on for five years. One of the best male
vocalists that Rhonda has ever  had the pleasure of working was
Barry Brosey. Walt  Swarthout, bass player became a very close
friend until his passing in 2005. Rick Rosella played drums first. Then
Duggie Hess (Standing Ovations) joined the group later and stayed
until the group broke up in 1985.
Photos right.
Rhonda's Son Ric's Band
"Secret Agent" above,  in the 80's.
Johnny Secret on guitar. (RIP)
Ric joined his Mother in another band
playing bass and singing in the 90's.
My son Russell (RIP) who fronted the group
"Cyrun". Above. He also played drums. He
passed in 1990 and  is deeply missed by
his friends and especially his family.
Photos on left and above are 1970.
Photo below is 2010.A marked difference.
Musicians she worked with.
Everyone encouraged her to sing from Grandfather, to parents, to school teachers,
to church members. So it is no wonder she is in the music business.
Although she started singing when she was two years old,
her debut was in church at the age of six years.
Rhondas' career did not get off the ground until 1958
when she auditioned for a group along with her friend, who played piano.
Bill Dayton was the band leader who later started his well known BIG BAND in Gettysburg. She
was hired but later got married and left the band before she even got to sing out.
It was the start of her longing to front a band.
Career moves were put on hold because of having a  family, until another opportunity arose in
1966.  Out of necessity, Rhonda joined a group called "The Ambassadors" with Jake Ruth.
That lasted only a few months when another opportunity came about that would have
Rhonda traveling the east coast. She developed stage presence,
learned the keys to her songs and added thousands of songs to her repertoire.
Her love was and still are  ballads from the thirties, forties and fifties.
And she loves the music from her high school days.
But she sings anything from rock to blues and more. It all comes from her heart.
By 1970, she sang anywhere she could get jobs.
A bass player in one of the local bands told another musician
about her singing abilities and
after auditioning for him,  it was the start of
a group that would reach the heights in the central Pennsylvania area.
"The Standing Ovations".
In 1974, Rhonda fronted "The New Approach" 19 piece band.
That lasted for approximately a year and a half when the band leader passed away
unexpectedly with a heart attack. His name was John Nicolosi from Williamsport, Pa.
Rhonda learned a lot from John and her personal manager Michael Minkwitz.
She took that knowledge with her to future groups.
The  second "Standing Ovations" band was voted best group in
Central Pennsylvania by Host magazine in 1975 when she came back from Williamsport and
joined them once again.
During her career, Rhonda has worked with many accomplished musicians.
They all had a great impact on her musical life.
To mention a few, Bill Fisher, Walt Swarthout, Barry Brosey,  (all from the "Counts" band),
Art Calaman, Duggie Hess, Cliff Seidel, Sal Salerno,
(who hired her for the "Standing Ovations"),
Tom Colgan and  Andy Angelucci,"Tom Colgan Trio",
Mick Cochran,(with whom she worked in the "New Approach").
Charles Crum, from "Radiant Earth Band" was influential as well.
There are so many that we can't mention all of them,
but  they are great musicians none the less.
Rhonda feels very fortunate to have worked with them all.
Working with her sons, who are in bands, is the greatest  memory of all.
Nothing will ever surpass family.
Without God and your family, there is nothing.
With pictures, We hope to show you a part of Rhonda's life that she will never forget.

The earth is filled with music.....Stop.....Listen
Rehobeth Beach Band Shell
Above in the 90's.
PR pics for a band in New York City
on lead guitar, Dave on drums,
Charles on Rythym guitar,
(RIP) Kneeling, Kerry  on
trumpet, keyboard and vocals,
Rhonda vocals, percussion and
keyboard and Shannon, right,
on vocals, flute, keyboard.
Photos on left and lower left.
Rhonda performs the 50's show at the
Coleman Dinner Theater Car Rally.
RHonda was asked to host a TV show for the
owner who wanted to advertise for the club.
"The Rhonda Lee Show" was produced
and hosted by her. One of the shows she put
together was at the training facility for, at that
time, the Bell Telephone company. She
couldn't get off of ground with climbing a pole,
for her musical career.
See photos at right and below.
Ray Reichert, Ralph P. Vogelsong, Raymond
S. Caton, Jr.
Camera man is Al Frankavilla.
Above  are photos from the
MS Telephon
Sheridan Hotel, 90's. Dominic
Cicco and Rhonda Lee. Above.
1958 Above.
How it all started
Host Magazine. This group went on to cut an
album and several 8 track tapes starting "The
Standing Ovations also cut several cassette tapes
as well.